Elton John Is Not The Only One Betwixt By Marilyn Monroe!

It seems we are too!

Last week while showing a condo at the Absolute Towers project I was intrigued by the shape and design of one of the buildings. The units come with spectacular and panoramic views.Ingenuity abounds and is evident even in the elevator which displays a screen with the largest numbers I’ve ever seen. It’s no wonder this project was nicknamed the Marilyn Monroe.

The woman and her legend continues to capture,inspire, motivate and actually demands us to write about her. Her presence lives on not only in pictures but in the hearts of all of us. Perhaps it was the combination of her beauty, her innocents and at times a tormented life that somehow managed to keep us betwixt and between all these years.

The Absolute Towers, in Mississauga were designed by Yansong Ma, a prominent Japanese architect and founder of Mad Architects. Fernbrook Homes were the developers of the project.

How this building came to be named after the famous actress seems to be a bit of a mystery. Perhaps it’s how she would have liked to be remembered. Like the building, beautiful and enigmatic.Who’d a thought real estate could be so sexy, huh?

If you are interested to learn more or purchase a unit in one of these buildings, give me a call…..


2 thoughts on “Elton John Is Not The Only One Betwixt By Marilyn Monroe!

  1. Nicole says:

    This is a very interesting article…..It was very interesting to know the history behind the making of this condo…..This is now added to my bucket list of local places to visit!!!
    Thank you for the info!!!


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