Let Me Take You To All Things “Dolce”……..On The Danforth!

The Danforth, also known as Greek Town, is an area in the east end, in the city of Toronto. It is a fascinating, ageless neighbourhood. Full of vibrant, eclectic energy. You’ll  find amazing restauranteurs and shop owners all having a story to share.  Everywhere I look I see interesting, beautiful faces. And the real estate is just as appealing as the people that live here.

The amazing architect dates back to the early 1900’s and was one of the major settlements for Greek immigrants. If you happen to be a visitor in our city don’t be surprised if you run into one proud Greek resident telling you that some of the scenes in the movie  “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” were actually filmed in their unforgettable neighbourhood.

While shopping at my favourite local fruit market I took the opportunity to stop by and gaze at the lovely gelato and sweets. One look, that’s all it took for my body to take its own direction. Needless to say I found myself waiting in line. All the sweets in the cafe were shouting my name so loudly I just couldn’t ignore them. And as if that wasn’t enough the intoxicating aroma of espresso and cappuccino ganged up on me. I didn’t stand a chance! Me against all these temptations, no way!

Dolce Cafe was a fabulous experience. I loved the fact that it was super busy because it gave my vacillating mind a chance to settle down and choose only one sweet. I was greeted by a warm beautiful smile. I placed my order with the person behind the counter. No guilty feelings here! She made it so easy for me to forfeit my willpower.

The raspberry chocolate cake was absolutely decadent! It was a sweet, deep, dark chocolate with layers of pink raspberry mousse and a side dollop of pure white cream. I did manage to enjoy a few exclusive bites before sharing the rest.








One of my favourite things to do on weekends is to enjoy a lovely cappuccino. And as you can see in the picture, my cappuccino was perfectly brewed.




Dolce Cafe deserves your presence and a tip…..

Cause like the sign says, tipping is sexy!








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